• jinty

Cellar conversion in Oxford or nearby?

Has anyone had done, or know anyone who has had done, a cellar conversion in Oxford or nearby? We are looking to get one done and have had a couple of quotes, but have also had some conflicting advice and information from the companies involved. So any recommendations for companies to try, or advice on what your conversion involved, would be gratefully received.
  • j4

Money matters

I'm looking for recommendations for either/both of the following in Oxford, please:

1. An affordable & approachable solicitor who can do a fairly simple pair of mirror wills. I'm assuming this is the sort of thing that pretty much any solicitor can do, but a recommendation would be better than going through the phone book. (Yes, I know you can buy a "DIY will" kit from Tesco. That's not what I'm asking.)

2. An independent financial advisor who can give trustworthy and comprehensible advice to the financially-slightly-clueless on how to invest a middling-large sum of money sensibly.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!
  • x_mass

looking for a cleaner for a disabled women

I have a friend who is disabled and unable to care for her home.

She needs to have the same person to come each week, so agencies with their varied staff are out. We don't object to agencies, but it has to be the same person on a long term commitment as she will take a long time to learn to trust someone.

She is in the headington area

Any recommendations are very welcome.

Drin rum

Magdalen architecture

Does anybody happen to know, or know where I can find out (I've already Googled, and looked in all the obvious places, like the college's website and a few even more obscure historical texts) the height of the Founder's Tower at Magdalen? Not the Bell Tower, Founder's specifically. I never got around to measuring it in the years I lived in Oxford, and sadly am no longer on site to ask in the lodge or anything. Would be very grateful for any info!
Mucha Pirate Girl

hiring a video camera

Hello all!

Anybody know anywhere or anyone in Oxford from whom it would be possible to hire a high-quality video camera for a weekend? We're a theatre production company looking to film a few minutes of video footage (and happy/prefer to do our own editing - we have the software) to be included in our next show.