People of Oxford

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This journal is for anyone who lives in Oxford (or has lived here). please, no abusive posting, use lj-cut if your post is too long, yaddayaddayadda.

By abusive posting, I mean personal attacks, off-topic posts, ranting about things unrelated to Oxford (or at least things that might affect us; if you want to find people that live in the area who are interested in something, that's fine, but don't just post rants about something you dislike; that's what your journal is for, surely.) and so on.

Be polite!

Also: posts to one person are strongly discouraged, please be aware that a fair few people have this community on their friends-list and won't want to read your personal messages.

Pictures are allowed but please lj-cut them.

(This bio was stolen from the edinburgers community.)

Note that this community is intended for everyone in the city, town and gown alike.

The maintainers for this community are andlosers and icewing.